Silvering is the irregularly occurring publication by ANIIHMA about and in forms of postdisciplinary thinking. It is continuous exploration and development, the unfolding and the platform of postdisciplinary design. This is Silvering 1.

Towards nonviolent design, a manifesto for postdisciplinary thinking (part 1) is born from the need to unravel what lies at the core of disciplinary thinking. It contextualises this need in the form of a call for, and an engagement with the ongoing need to interrogate our biases and change our epistemological tools. It sets up the fertile ground of postdisciplinary thinking, on which new forms of knowledges appear as continually moving poles in an ever shifting landscape.

let’s refuse to be disciplined.

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ANIIHMA is practice and theory and theory of postdisciplinary design.

alumni Royal College of Art London 2018

believes in creation
as interference
as disruption
as idea
as knowledge.

based in London